03/08/2012 06:54 am ET Updated May 08, 2012

'Hot In Cleveland': Christopher Gorham Becomes Melanie's Back-Up Boyfriend (VIDEO)

The timely arrival of Christopher Gorham ("Covert Affairs") as a man going door to door to spread his faith delayed the inevitable revelation that Melanie had slept with the man who left Joy at the altar on "Hot in Cleveland" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on TV Land). In Melanie's defense, neither she nor K.C. realized that they both knew Joy at the time. In fact, that didn't come to light until K.C. came to see Melanie at the vacation home they were staying in while their place was being fumigated.

Unfortunately, the impromptu vacation was rendered pointless when the venomous, paralyzing spider they were trying to get rid of hitched a ride with them. It was while Victoria was on top of K.C., with both of them paralzyed, that the truth came out.

Gorham was just trying to spread his faith, arriving just as Joy was shocked to see K.C. And so Melanie pretended she'd arranged to have K.C. come to see Joy, and suddenly Gorham found himself redubbed Casey -- so as to fit the description of the boyfriend Melanie had talked about. Things got even more complicated when "Casey" saw Victoria, who he had a huge crush on because of "Edge of Tomorrow."

In the end, though, the women managed to find closure and commonality when K.C. revealed himself to be hopelessly broken and pathetic. Since leaving Joy at the altar, he'd left four other women. Including the most recent one on the night he was going to meet Joy on the roof -- the night he slept with Melanie instead. Joy got to realize that she hadn't been wrong; it was him. And Melanie got to realize ... well, that she's still not so great at picking them.

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