03/08/2012 02:09 pm ET

Jean-George's Lobster Shack Dreams Sinking With Old Staten Island Ferry

For anyone who was excited by the prospect of a Jean-Georges Vongerichten lobster shack aboard the old Staten Island ferry, it looks like that ship has sailed (or sunk, rather).

Water from the Hudson River appears to have partly submerged the ferry over the weekend, likely putting the breaks on Vongerichten's nautical vision.

A spokesman for the Coast Guard said the task of pumping out the water could take as long as two weeks and detailed, "The owner does want to save the vessel. We’re making every effort to assist him in that. A salvage team is working to dewater the vessel, float it and patch it up if that’s possible.”

Back in October, the renowned chef expressed his interest in building a lobster restaurant (with a cocktail area and marine museum!) above owner David Mitchell's newly acquired boat.

He described the idea for the "newspaper-lined" seafood joint:

A friend of mine bought the Staten Island Ferry and surprised me with this idea. It's a great project. It's not done yet ... there [are] still permits and money, so who knows? But it would be a lobster place, really, really simple, you know, with hammers. We're looking for a location now, on the water on the west side. It will probably take a couple of years.