03/08/2012 03:54 pm ET

Jon Stewart Mocks Ed Henry, White House Press Corps (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart mocked Fox News correspondent Ed Henry and the rest of the White House press corps on Wednesday night, in the aftermath of Obama's smackdown of Henry at a recent press conference.

On Tuesday, Henry had asked Obama to respond to critics' allegations that the President wanted gas prices to increase. Obama responded with annoyance, asking if anyone thought that would make sense for a president going into re-election.

"I think he's going to tap his strategic derision reserves," Stewart said about Obama on Wednesday, before replaying a clip of the clash. The Comedy Central host mocked Henry by giving the middle finger and imitating a balloon losing all its air.

"Now, that may not have seemed the most presidential tone, but understand the derision is based on the type of questions that are coming at him," Stewart remarked. He replayed numerous clips of reporters asking Obama to respond to Romney and McCain's charges against him about Iran.

He joked that the questions constituted "instigative" -- instead of investigative -- journalism. "They prod the person at the podium with someone else's trash talk to see if they can gin up a fight," he explained.

Stewart compared their statements to the "fortune cookie game" where people attach the phrase "in bed" to fortunes. He proceeded to play his own version of the game, adding "You gonna take that sh-t?" to the end of each reporter's question.



Jon Stewart mocking Fox News

Jon Stewart ripping Fox News