03/08/2012 05:38 am ET Updated May 08, 2012

Morgan Fairchild Plays Fran's College Rival On 'Happily Divorced' (VIDEO)

Morgan Fairchild has played a lot of roles throughout her long career in television, but she's so very good at playing the bad girl. On "Happily Divorced" (Wed., 10:30 p.m. EST on TV Land), she played Fran's former college rival. Considering that she is married to a doctor and seems to have accomplished things with her life, Fran was understandably jealous and insecure about seeing her again at their upcoming reunion.

Maybe that's why she foolishly convinced her ex-boyfriend to go with her and pretend to be her new fiancee. Unfortunately, he proved a little too good in the role. Not only did he convince Fran's rival that he was her fiancee and madly in love with her, he had Fran convinced as well.

Peter and Judi both tried to straighten Fran out both before and during the reunion, but Fran couldn't see straight for the love in her eyes. Unfortunately, their last attempted intervention in the bathroom was overheard by her arch-rival. Later, when Fran discovered the truth and was shattered, a nice man at the bar started flirting with her and even offered her his number ... mere moments before Fairchild came over and introduced him as her husband.

Fran kept it classy by promising to not tell anyone about what had just happened, but Fairchild's character couldn't do the same. She admitted she'd already told everyone there what she overheard in the bathroom. She's just a b***h, she decided, and Fran had to agree.

"Happily Divorced" continues its second season Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. EST on TV Land.

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