03/08/2012 05:23 pm ET

New iPad's First Ad Highlights Retina Display

Not long after its March 7 announcement for the new iPad, Apple posted the tablet device's very first ad on its YouTube channel.

It doesn't take very long to figure out that the ad's focus is the device's high-definition Retina Display. Forget the fact that the new iPad is the first tablet to offer Bluetooth Smart 4.0, that it features an A5X chip with quad-core graphics and offers 4G LTE network connectivity (if you're willing to spend a little extra, that is). This advert shows off the full glitzy glory of the tablet's display.

It just looks so pretty. With a high-resolution screen of 2,048x1,536 -- that's 3.1 million pixels, 1 million more than an HDTV screen, according to Apple's website -- it's not surprising Apple would want to flaunt the iPad's stunning new face to the public.

Though, as CNET's Chris Matyszczyk smartly pointed out about the ad: "You're trying to show a screen though the medium of another screen. You're relying on a visual effect that you can't actually control."

So, showing off the new iPad's Retina display seems it could be a bit difficult, especially with such a short ad like this.

Do you think Apple pulled it off? Watch the mini ad (above), and let us know what you think in the comments! And make sure to watch the new iPad's other, longer ad to learn a little more about what other features it has to offer.

[Hat tip, Business Insider]

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