03/08/2012 03:28 am ET Updated Mar 08, 2012

Star Jones Responds To Being 'Ambushed' In Her Return To 'The View' On 'The Rosie Show' (VIDEO)

When Star Jones returned to "The View" six years after her tumultuous departure from the daytime talk show, she thought she was there to talk about the Go Red for Women campaign to raise awareness of the dangers in women of heart disease. But the co-hosts seemed determined to rehash the bad old days. It was "as though they ambushed you," Rosie O'Donnell told Jones on "The Rosie Show" (Weeknights, 7 p.m. EST on OWN), repeating how "Today" later described the interview.

"Ambush is a really tough word," Jones said. "However, I think they obviously had a plan of what they wanted to accomplish."

But Jones' plan was simple and straightforward. She was going to do her best to stay positive and focused on Go Red. When prodded by Barbara Walters to give her account of what happened six years ago, though, she did talk about it with the ladies, but she didn't allow any of the tension to get her upset, though she admitted that it was stressful.

"No matter what happens, we can't lie," Jones said. "You can't look me in the face and say that Barbara Walters is not one of the major reasons that we can do what we do. Because she paved the way. And so, you know what? I'm gonna give her a little bit of a pass."

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