03/09/2012 11:56 am ET Updated Mar 09, 2012

American Airlines Flight Attendant Rants About Plane Crash, Grounds Flight

An American Airlines flight attendant reportedly had to be subdued by passengers Friday morning after launching into a tirade about the plane crashing, reports Dallas Observer.

The unidentified woman first told passengers that the flight would not be taking off due to technical problems. But, when another flight attendant made an announcement assuring passengers this was not the case, the woman persisted.

According to a report by The Dallas Morning News: "The flight attendant 'came on the PA system ranting about AA bankruptcy and then telling them the plane was going to crash,' said the sister of one woman on the plane."

"Captain, I am not responsible for crashing this plane," she is quoted as saying by Dallas Observer. One passenger told the paper "she was screaming bloody murder."

The flight from Dallas to Chicago was about to take off when it had to be sent back to the gate. A group of male passengers, six by one account, subdued the woman. Authorities met the flight at the gate.

After the incident, the crew was swapped and the plane was cleared to take off.

This incident seems slightly reminiscent of that caused by JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater, who cursed at passengers and jumped out a plane's emergency chute in 2010.

In late February, a drunk Pinnacle Airlines flight attendant caused a flight to be cancelled.