03/09/2012 06:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hayley Wade Wins University of Calgary Student Election With 'Great Dick Bro' Campaign Poster

Hayley Wade, a University of Calgary student, won the election for vice-president of student life with 50 percent of the vote after running a controversial campaign that placed posters above men's urinals with the tag "Great dick bro!"

"The poster speaks to students in a language they know and understand and find funny," Wade told the Gauntlet prior to the election results. "Part of my platform is all about student engagement on this campus, and effective communication with students."

But not all students agreed with Wade's sentiment.

(Scroll down to see the poster)

"The posters are aimed specifically for people with dicks and I don't have a dick," said student Sarah Hanlon. "[The posters] are saying that in order for a female to gain power she has to compliment men and not only a man but a man's genitalia."

On Reddit, some students anonymously debated whether the posters made a mockery of the election or were, in fact, a brilliant move.

"I ended up laughing out loud, creeping out the person beside me AND pissing on my shoe," wrote one student identified only as Black_13.

The tagline was only one part of the controversy. The Gauntlet student newspaper reported that the posters violated University of Calgary election rules for their placement in a "no-campaign zone:" the bathroom.

Officials running the student government elections decided against penalizing Wade.