03/09/2012 06:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Japan Earthquake Social Media Coverage: Disaster By The Numbers (INFOGRAPHIC)

When disaster struck Japan, online reactions to the earthquake and tsunami coursed through Twitter in near-record time.

However, even with an unprecedented number of shocking disaster videos and imagery made available by the very plugged-in and technologically savvy Japanese, in 2011 the Tweets Per Second (TPS) for the disaster were still outdone by the likes of the Bet Awards, Brazil's elimination from the Copa America, the end of the women's FIFA World Cup, Steve Jobs' resignation, the MTV Video Music Awards, the Troy Davis Execution, and New Years.

For what was arguably the biggest world event of 2011, the Japan tsunami and earthquake ranked behind the hashtag #tigerblood.

Take note, Twitterverse -- In 2011, you gave more notice to a made-up drink by Charlie Sheen (at least hashtag-wise) than a mega-disaster that changed the face of a nation.