03/09/2012 04:07 pm ET Updated Mar 09, 2012

Jeremy Lin Weed: Stalley Tweets Picture Of 'Linsanity OG' Strain Of Marijuana (PHOTO)

Linsanity has a new, and decidedly Californian, incarnation. The rapper Stalley woke up this morning to a new strain of marijuana called Linsanity OG, tweeting a picture of the bud for the whole world to see. It appears he and Rick Ross went shopping together.

We're unfamiliar with marijuana shops in LA (maybe HuffPost LA can help us out here), but it appears (looking at the label) that a gram an eight of an ounce of this stuff goes for $60, or $21,520 less than a Jeremy Lin rookie card on EBay.

Jeremy Lin himself would be unlikely to condone his new namesake, but we won't ask him. He needs to be concentrating on basketball right now.

For all our Californian friends, may we also recommend Taste The Linsanity ice cream, certain to pair well for when you get some Lintense munchies.

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