03/09/2012 10:15 am ET Updated Mar 09, 2012

Lindsay Lohan, Debbie Harry: Stars And Their Mature Doppelgangers

Getting confused with someone 41 years your senior? Now that's got to sting.

Shortly after Lindsay Lohan launched the first stage of her comeback, hosting "Saturday Night Live," photographers were eager to snap the actress out and about in New York. However, the Lohan-esque figure followed by paparazzi Sunday morning was, upon further inspection, actually 66-year-old Blondie singer Debbie Harry.

Sporting a black sweatshirt, aviator sunglasses and blond bangs peeking out from under her hood, Harry did indeed resemble the 25-year-old actress, who had been spotted leaving the same hotel two days earlier. Perhaps the mixup prompted Lohan to ditch her platinum locks and return to red.

Lohan's visage has been the target of much scrutiny lately, but she hardly looks as if she's pushing 70 -- and she's not the only young star with a considerably older doppelganger.

Hollywood newcomers and established actors alike inevitably continue to draw comparisons to famous faces from a previous generation (see Brad Pitt and Robert Redford's similarly chiseled features, or Brittany Snow and Reese Witherspoon's comparable bright-eyed beauty).

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