03/09/2012 04:15 pm ET

Michael Basano Threatens To Use AK-47 If Bank Doesn't Cash His Check, Cops Say

Patience is a virtue.

That has perhaps never been more true than in the case of Michael Basano, who is accused of calling a teller and threatening to shoot up the TD North Bank in Carmel, N.Y., with an AK-47 unless his check was cashed.

Police say Basano got upset after he was told he couldn't cash his check until next week, according to Greenwich Time. Police arrested Basano after the bank called in the threat. They found no weapons at his house.

But Basano isn't the only person to make headlines for allegedly hatching a bizarre check cashing strategy: This guy was accused of trying to cash a $360 billion check.

And one needn't threaten gun violence to wind up in jail after trying to cash a check. KING 5 reported on a Washington state man who was mistakenly detained after he tried to cash a check the bank had actually sent him.

Then there was the bittersweet story of a man who went in to cash his $100 check, got mistaken for a robber and was thrown in jail. The Florida resident was later awarded $3.3 million for his troubles, according to the Miami Herald.