03/09/2012 02:13 pm ET Updated Mar 09, 2012

Ne-Yo Serves Up Sexy Spring Cocktails And Some Gentlemanly Advice

Who's got your back better than an R&B crooner when it's time to get it in? Luther, Stevie, even Usher have certainly played a part. (A stiff cocktail has been known to help set the right mood, too.)

But what happens when you are the R&B star? We checked in with one to find out.

R&B singer Ne-Yo weighed in with advice that proves that while style and appeal are subjective, letting them happen organically is the most important rule of all.

You're the consummate renaissance man -- singer, actor, producer, creative director. How do you impress your strengths on a woman without coming across as cocky?

My accomplishments in most cases speak for themselves, thus there being no need to reiterate. No woman, nobody period, likes the guy/girl that talks about themselves too much. If you can, make sure you're accomplishments are the kind that exceed you. Big bill to fill, but go hard or go home.

At home, what are your bar/drink/mood-setting essentials? Do you rock to your own music?

At home I am the epitome of "mellow." I'm candles as opposed to lights; if not my own, ambient music as opposed to radio or what's popular; comfortable attire if clothing is necessary; and my drink selection is maintained: Malibu Red on the rocks. Sexy's not the intent so to speak, but if it happens organically, so be it.

On a date, out at a bar/club, what do you think your choice of drink says about you? What's your go-to beverage?

There's definitely an element of speaking without speaking in a person's choice of drink while in a social setting. My personal preference is my own creation (Malibu Red: Coconut rum and silver tequila combined) chilled. What it says about me is that I am my own man in that I created something for myself, it says that I don't mind, perhaps even LIKE a lil' bite, in that I drink it straight, no mix, no chase. Women tend to appreciate these qualities.

Like everything else, drinking and entertaining has its share of trends/fads. As a creative director/trendsetter, which ones do you think guys need to let go of for 2012?

I make it my business to ignore trends and fads in every aspect of me, even the ones I create. Everything has it's time, yet some things are timeless. I prefer to maintain the constant search for timelessness, as opposed to the "pretty right now" trend. As a man, I feel that following trends limits your cool. Once the fad goes, your cool goes right along with it.

We're talking about how to be a man of style and substance on HuffPost Black Voices this month. Who are your idols in these areas?

Classic style is king in my opinion. Cool simply because it's cool, not because it's trying to be cool. Sammy Davis Jr. was "just cool," period. To bring it a bit more current, Idris Elba carries the torch well, as does, say, a George Clooney. Denzel is a staple as well.

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