03/10/2012 10:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Week In Art: God, Toy Story And Facebook Moments

Hello dear readers. This week we saw what happens when a crafty Mom gets a Facebook account, if Woody and Buzz went to the dark side and if God was one of us...

Here are our best moments:

When parents around the world started getting Facebook, kids everywhere started panicking. Who wants mom seeing your "zomg sooOooo hungover" status or the shot of you flipping the bird to the camera? Kathy Halper has gone where few moms have gone before, however. She not only looks at her kids' Facebook statuses and photos, she embroiders them. Halper's collection titled, "Friend Me," depict images of a not-so sober generation.

Photographer Stephen Chalmers takes beautiful pictures of secluded nature spots. Did we mention they are spots where dead bodies have been dumped? The photos in the series are named for the victims who were dumped there. The photos are meant to be "quiet meditations on the violence people commit -- to have the person look at an image of a field or a steam, and think about the beauty of the site and name of the victim," he said.

There's no escaping 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster. From coffee mugs to bandaids and now memes, the British slogan is simply everywhere. Now you can hear the surprisingly rich history of the poster. Coined more than 70 years ago, it was one of three propaganda posters produced by the British government in the spring of 1939 in the build up to World War II.

Do not watch this one with the lights off. Kyle Lambert's passion project 'Toy Shining' is part Toy Story, part The Shining, all totally terrifying. This is like all of our nightmares combined but it's also totally awesome. And Woody really does share a striking resemblance to Jack Nicholson, no?

When you think of the holy creator, chances are if you've been brought up Christian you imagine a guy with a flowing white beard and white robe spending some time amid the clouds, perhaps reaching out to give life to the first human with the stretch of his arm. "The Creation of Adam" is Michalangelo's masterpiece, but a lot has changed since the 16th Century. On Shockblast's website, it states "God is doing badass things. Where is he now?" Well, you'll have to take a look in the slideshow below to see.

That was our week! We hope yours was as filled with weirdness as ours was.