03/12/2012 02:51 pm ET Updated Mar 22, 2012

The 'Bachelor' Spoofs: 8 Hilarious Comedy Routines In Honor Of The Finale

Whether you love or hate "The Bachelor," you've probably caught a glimpse of enough ABC promos to know that tonight marks the end of Ben Flajnik's quest for romance. (Hint: All the magic occurs on a Swiss mountaintop. There will be dresses, a ring and many a moment where Ben looks extremely confused.)

Over the past 10 episodes, viewers have been treated to some good moments (namely the warm locations allowing for photo-ops of Ben shirtless, if you're into goofy yet svelte), the bad (the women's yelling matches were hard to take) and the crazy (hint to future 'Bachelor' contestants: please keep your clothes on). Some moments may have even left you utterly speechless.

Regardless of how many times you wanted to throw your remote and/or wine bottle at the television during an episode, "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" never fail to offer great fodder for Tuesday-morning conversations at the coffee machine -- or for talented comedians. From Ellen to Kimmel to Fallon, the funniest men and women on TV have created some truly amazing send-ups of the past 16 seasons' antics (yes, you have sat through that many hours of un-quality television). In honor of the finale, we've rounded up some of the best "Bachelor" spoofs.

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