Calle Ocho Breaks World Record In Miami For Largest Flag Image Ever Created (PHOTOS)

Miami's annual Calle Ocho street festival has broken another Guinness world record -- and no, it wasn't for the world's hottest or sweatiest block party.

More than 100 volunteers on Sunday hoisted a massive flag comprised of 422 flags from around the world over 8th Street, having folded the flag into the number one to represent global solidarity. The huge One World banner was 250 feet long and 36 feet wide, reports the Miami Herald, and officially the largest of its kind ever created.

"We got a certificate," beamed Henry Jiminez, president of the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, to WSVN. "We're now in the Guinness Book of World Records."

Calle Ocho, which began in 1978 as a way for Cuban residents to share their culture and has grown to involve all of the Magic City's Latino cultures, is no stranger to record-breaking feats. According to Local10, the flag is Calle Ocho's fifth world record:

In 1988, Calle Ocho was the site of the largest conga line ever recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records with 119,969 hips shaking to Gloria Estefan’s hit Conga and in 1990, the festival recorded the largest piñata measuring 27 feet and weighing 10,000 lbs.

In 2000, the largest cigar ever rolled and in 2008, Calle Ocho broke the record for the most domino players at the event.

The flag, however, might have been the most tricky record to pull off. Winds were gusting were gusting between 16 and 17 miles per hour between 2 and 3 p.m. on Sunday, according to the Weather Channel.

"The logistics were very complicated," the Kiwanis Club's Lino Fernández told the Herald. "It’s a very heavy flag. You have to take into account the wind and the river of people walking on Calle Ocho."

Indeed. The Herald reports that in order to lift the flag for 276 seconds -- the number of countries on Earth, according to organizers -- the group used 63 10-foot poles on the flag's perimeter and 25 inside.

As for the rest of the festival, it was a crazy good time as usual. Check out photos from Calle Ocho 2012: