03/12/2012 06:11 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Beyoncᅢᄅ, Charlize Theron, Kim Kardashian And More Celebrity Courtside Style (PHOTOS)

As a child, I attended basketball games dressed in a jersey, sneakers and face paint. However, as I got older and tagged along with my brother, Daryl, I realized that being a spectator was much more than looking like a mascot, so I traded in my team's apparel for leather jackets, fitted jeans and boots. I had mastered the art of sitting pretty.

With March Madness tipping off this Tuesday (March 13th), we've rounded up over 25 famous faces whose sideline fashion we can't stop talking about. From Beyoncᅢᄅ's date night duds (complete with sky-high Christian Louboutin heels) to Charlize Theron's borrowed-from-the-boys fedora and blazer look to Kim Kardashian's statement-making furs, these stars prove that there is action beyond the hardwood.

Vote on celebrity courtside style in the slideshow below and see how a women's basketball team from 1902 got suited up before hitting the court.

Meanwhile, check out the workout gear celebrities wear when they sweat in style.

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Celebrity Courtside Style (PHOTOS)