03/12/2012 01:04 pm ET Updated May 12, 2012

Rush Limbaugh: Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem And Robin Morgan Call For FCC To Intervene

A trio of feminist icons called on Saturday for the Federal Communications Commission to take steps to remove Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves — and compared him to a notorious Nazi to boot.

In a column for CNN, Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan — writing in their capacity as the co-founders of the Women's Media Center — joined in the outrage directed at Limbaugh for calling law student Sandra Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute." While scores of advertisers (as many as 141 by one count) have either blocked their commercials from Limbaugh's show or demanded that they never appear there, Fonda, Steinem and Morgan urged the FCC to go further.

"Limbaugh doesn't just call people names. He promotes language that deliberately dehumanizes his targets," they wrote. "Like the sophisticated propagandist Josef Goebbels, he creates rhetorical frames -- and the bigger the lie, the more effective -- inciting listeners to view people they disagree with as sub-humans."

The FCC has the power to remove the licenses from stations it decides are not acting in the public interest, something the writers clearly feel it should consider for stations that carry Limbaugh's show.

"He is indeed constitutionally entitled to his opinions, but he is not constitutionally entitled to the people's airways," they wrote. "It's time for the public to take back our broadcast resources. Limbaugh has had decades to fix his show. Now it's up to us."

Read the full column at CNN.



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