03/12/2012 02:47 pm ET Updated May 12, 2012

'John Carter': Utah Thanks Disney Film For Creating Jobs, Stimulating Economy

"John Carter" may have turned into a multi-million-dollar mess for Disney, but not everyone involved with the film came out in the red.

Take, for instance, the state of Utah. According to a press release from the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development, "John Carter" generated almost $20 million and helped create 275 production jobs for the state. (Filming took place there in 2010.)

"There were great jobs provided to local film crew and benefits to businesses in rural Utah, including lodging, car rentals, catering, carpentry, and security," said the department's executive director, Spencer Eccles.

Unfortunately, this small bit of good news regarding "John Carter" probably won't make much of a difference to those responsible for the movie. After making an underwhelming $30.6 million at the box office this weekend (the film's budget is an estimated $250 million), a story popped up on Vulture earlier today where Disney insiders blamed director Andrew Stanton for the low returns on "John Carter."

You can read about the alleged infighting over "Carter" on Vulture. For more on the Utah story, head to THR.

[via THR and Vulture]