03/12/2012 12:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Man Cave' Brings 'Breastaurant' Trend To Norman, Oklahoma

Last year, it was reported that "breastaurants" were one of the fastest-growing restaurant categories. Chains such as Hooters and Tilted Kilt are pretty formulaic these days: scantily-clad waitresses serve decent-enough bar food to a largely male crowd. This formula has proven successful enough that various one-off breastaurants are opening.

Take Norman, Oklahoma's new establishment, The Man Cave. There's subtlety here: this place is for men who like "man food" such as wings and pizza. Patrons are served by women in "Mancave" jerseys and short shorts.

In the video below, the owner of the Man Cave explains that he opened the restaurant because he was seeking a "homey atmosphere." "I love my man cave at home. Why don't I just have a man cave that everybody can enjoy," he said.

Perhap this mancave isn't for everybody though. A bunch of men from the Oklahoma Daily, a student newspaper from the University of Oklahoma, found the food and vibe to be merely "mediocre," despite 37 different chicken wing options.