03/12/2012 04:24 pm ET Updated Mar 12, 2012

South Florida's Highest Paid CEOs, According To AFL-CIO Database

Try to think of an overpaid CEO in South Florida and you'll likely come up with Micky Arison, the Miami Heat owner and CEO of Carnival, which owns the Costa Concordia that went down in Italy.

But Arison is only the tenth highest paid CEO in South Florida, as first reported by the Sun Sentinel.

And at an income of $7 million, he earns well below the national average for CEOs, $11.4 million.

AFL-CIO puts such overblown incomes in perspective by pointing out that one CEO's salary could fund the pay of 28 U.S. presidents, 178 nurses, 225 teachers, or 753 minimum-wage workers.

Instead CEO's compensation increased during the Recession while unemployment peaked in Florida at 10.7 percent.

Using data from the AFL-CIO's CEO Pay Database, searchable by state and city, there are nine other bosses raking in more than Arison, some even earning 600 times what the average Floridian makes -- $30,600.