03/13/2012 12:34 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2012

Al Sharpton Criticizes Mitt Romney On Medicare In Birthday Message (VIDEO)

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Al Sharpton hit out at Mitt Romney's stance on Medicare in his birthday greeting to the GOP candidate during his show Monday night.

"Happy birthday, Governor. I hope you get all the cheesy grits you can eat," Sharpton said.

Since Romney turned 65 years old on Monday, Sharpton pointed out that he was now eligible for Medicare. Romney's campaign said he would not be signing up, keeping his private insurance instead. "I guess he wants to protect himself from the Republican attack on Medicare - a little thing called the Ryan Plan that Willard just loves," Sharpton said of the GOP candidate.

After playing a clip of Romney on the campaign trail telling supporters how it took courage for Republicans to create and vote for the Ryan Plan, Sharpton appeared indignant in his response. "Really?" he asked. "It took courage to vote for the Ryan plan? The Ryan plan that would force seniors to pay and extra $6,000 a year for health care? The Ryan Plan that the Wall Street Journal says would 'essentially end medicare?' Willard, maybe you don't need Medicare but 95 percent of all seniors do."

"I know you thought we left you off the hook just because it's your birthday," he continued. "Nah."



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