03/13/2012 04:17 pm ET

Chuck Grassley Blasts History Channel For Lack Of History

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), has been a bit despondent lately -- not about the economy or the war in Afghanistan, but about the lack of history on the History Channel.

“I love history,” Grassley wrote in an email to The Washington Examiner. “A better understanding is going to strengthen our country. It’s going to strengthen patriotism.”

Plus non-history programming represents an unfulfilled promise by the network. “When I signed up for the History Channel on my satellite service, I expected to get history,” he said. “Instead, all I see are people chopping wood or driving trucks on an icy road.”

Back in February Grassley began tweeting about his discontent with the History Channel’s programming. “No history,” he tweeted “I used to get history. Why do we have such a channel when it doesn’t do history?”

As the Examiner reports, about a week later Grassley turned on the History Channel again and was still not pleased with what he saw. Again he took to Twitter to express outrage. “When will they put history back on the channel,” he tweeted.

Most recently, on March 10, Grassley tweeted twice, “just turned to History Channel. Once again no history.”

For many people Twitter has become a way to hold companies accountable for the products they sell. Many companies are adopting Twitter as well, using social media as a tool to provide additional customer service.