03/13/2012 05:35 pm ET

Melanie Spigelmyre Attacked By Cow While Riding Bike In Fresno (VIDEO)

Everyone's heard of Angry Birds, but what about angry cows?

While training for a cross-country bicycle race, Melanie Spigelmyre was riding with her ten-person cycling team on Trimmer Springs Road in Fresno when they happened upon a herd of free-range cattle. It was as she attempted to make her way though the herd that Spigelmyre was attacked by a bovine bully.


"As soon as I came around the corner, he just barrels and t-bones me, sending me about 30 feet down the hill," Spigelmyre told ABC News 10.

Luckily, Spigelmyre only suffered some bruises on her elbow; however, her gear didn't escape the encounter quite so intact--both her bike frame and helmet sustained some serious damage.

Jim Hawe, a photographer traveling with the group managed to whip out his camera and get a once-in-a-lifetime shot of some bull-on-bike action.

"It was a scary thing," Hawe told ABC 7 News. "It was quite an experience for most of us."

Spigelmyre said she doesn't expect the attack to stop her from doing more biking, she's still hoping to participate in the RAAM cross-country bicycle race--from San Diego to Washington, D.C.--to raise money and awareness for organ donation.