03/13/2012 09:43 am ET

Pregnant Jessica Simpson Talks Baby On 'Tonight Show,' 'Ellen'

Though it looks as if she could give birth at any moment, almost nothing will stop Jessica Simpson from promoting her latest TV show, "Fashion Star." She stopped by both the "Tonight Show" and "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to talk a bit about her new series, but mostly about impending motherhood and being really, really pregnant.

"Labor is really going to hurt," Simpson told Jay Leno on "Tonight," after revealing she's been having Braxton Hicks contractions lately. "I have so much respect for my mom and all the women across the world."

Leno joked about how long it took Simpson to get to her seat, saying he thought maybe she was giving birth backstage, but the "Fashion Star" mentor took the teasing in stride.

"We're waddling now," she said, revealing that though it feels as if she could give birth at any moment, she still has a few more weeks to go.

Simpson recently showed off her growing baby bump on the cover of Elle's April issue, posing nude for an iconic Demi Moore-esque cover, and revealed she and her fiance, former NFL player Eric Johnson, were expecting a girl.

Simpson also shared with Leno her shock and excitement when she found out she was expecting.

"We weren't trying, but we were definitely practicing -- and not safely practicing," she said, laughing.

Simpson and Johnson were engaged when they learned a baby was on the way, and have since put their wedding on hold until their baby girl arrives.

"I want him to be my husband so bad, and I do still want to wear the pretty gown and everything, and I have to wait until after the baby," Simpson said. "And now [our daughter will] just be in the wedding!"

Simpson recently dropped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" as well -- her episode airs Tuesday -- and yes, there was a paramedic on standby should she go into labor. But for those thinking she may be expecting twins, think again.

"There is only one, there is only one girl," Simpson said when asked how many babies she was carrying. "But I did get knocked up by a baller ... A big football player."

Though Simpson said she and Johnson already have a name picked out for their daughter, which they are keeping under wraps, DeGeneres gave them some nice options thanks to her "Celebrity Baby Name Generator," including Stapler Thunderstorm and Thursday Foghorn.

"I will think about it," Simpson joked.

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