Syria Video Allegedly Shows Young Boy Shot In Back In Homs (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

Extremely disturbing footage out of Homs purports to show a young boy shot in the back by a sniper on one of the city's streets.

In the video, the boy tries to pull himself up after being shot in the back. When another teenager tries to pull the boy off the street to safety, the sniper fires again. The boy eventually crawls onto the sidewalk, his back covered in blood. "God is great," one of the cameramen filming the incident cries out in despair.

The harrowing video was posted on YouTube but could not be independently verified.

Dozens of civilians were killed in Homs over the weekend in what both opposition activists and Syrian state media described as a massacre.

Activists attributed the killings to militias loyal to the Assad regime. Opposition groups posted footage on YouTube showing dozens of bodies lying in a room in a Hom's apartment. An opposition network said at least 45 women and children had been stabbed and burned in the Homs district of Karm al-Zeitoun, according to Reuters in the video above.

The government blamed the violence on armed terrorists.

"The terrorist armed groups have kidnapped scores of civilians in the city of Homs, central Syria, killed, and mutilated their corpses and filmed them to be shown by media outlets," state news agency SANA said on its website, according to a Reuters translation.

The murders coincided with a visit of U.N.-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan to Syria. Annan told reporters that he had made "concrete proposals" to end the bloodshed in the country, and was expecting a response by Syrian president Bashar Assad on Tuesday.