03/13/2012 06:45 pm ET Updated Mar 14, 2012

Tim Heidecker Pranks SXSW With Newt Gingrich News (VIDEO)

Right before he was to appear on the live Comedy Bang! Bang! Podcast at Esther's Follies on Sunday, we were surprised to see Tim Heidecker tweet that Newt Gingrich had passed away. Within minutes the fake news and hashtag #RIPNewt was spreading on Twitter, with many of Heidecker's followers playing along. He later tweeted (and reiterated during the live podcast) that he'd be holding a memorial service for the GOP candidate at Stubb's BBQ down the street:

Interested to see if anyone would show up to hear a fake eulogy, we followed Tim to Stubb's to see if the online ruse had legs. While we didn't see any mourners outside the crowded restaurant, we did catch Heidecker chatting up some curious Austinites, asking if they "had heard the news." As you can imagine, the reactions were pretty hilarious.