03/14/2012 01:22 pm ET Updated Mar 14, 2012

Colbert Mocks GOP For Oversimplifying Environmental Issues (VIDEO)

While Republican presidential hopefuls continue on the primary campaign trail, Stephen Colbert took a look at some of the candidates' speeches on complicated, multifaceted issues such as energy policy, global warming and green technology.

As Colbert explained, "While Obama drones on and on with his SAT words, there is no topic that these gentlemen cannot explain using phrases no more complex than, 'I like to eat y'all's cheesy grits.'"

With Rick Santorum openly wondering how carbon dioxide could be harmful and Newt Gingrich criticizing the ongoing initiative to create biofuel from algae, Colbert had plenty of material to work with.

Watch the full clip above to see Colbert mock the GOP's bizarre oversimplifications on energy issues and provide his own criticism of technology such as the telephone and penicillin.