03/14/2012 09:46 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Emerald-Green Kitchen Accessories And Appliances

When Saint Patrick's Day comes round the corner, the color emerald-green becomes more and more prominent. It shows up everywhere: on our donuts, in our beer, even in our wardrobes. And while we at Kitchen Daily have no complaints about this since we're fans of this robust green color, we do have one bone to pick. Why only this time of year? Where's the love for this color the other 360-odd days?

Emerald is such a rich shade of green, we'd love to see it more often. So in an attempt to enjoy this color for the entire year, and to bring a little new life into our kitchens, we put together a gathering of gorgeous green kitchen accessories and electrics. From measuring cups to dutch ovens to the much-prized stand mixer, we've got something that everyone can use and something for every budget.

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