03/14/2012 02:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kate Upton Banned Ad For Zoo York Rejected For Profanity, 'Erect Nipple' (VIDEO)

Zoo York, a skateboard and apparel company owned by Marc Ecko, decided to seize the zeitgeist and put Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton in a new ad for its clothing.

They filmed the ad. Then, it promptly got banned by a couple networks.

MTV and the Adult Swim Network have already rejected the ad, the New York Daily News reports, for its use of “bleeped profanity” and an image of Upton’s “erect nipple."

We bravely took one for the team and watched Kate Upton prance around in tight activewear in the ad to see what the fuss was about. The commercial, which is set to debut on cable networks and online in early April, stars two CGI-ed cockroaches chatting back and forth while parked on a bench at Tompkins Square Park, watching skateboarders.

As the talking bugs debate which pipes they'd like to "grind" and "wax," lovely Kate comes jogging into the scene. Cue the double entendres and a conclusion with some very colorful language.

Putting aside the fact that you can't exactly put the word "c**ksucker" on basic cable, we're not totally seeing the alleged "erect nipple" peccadillo. Are you?

Of course, if we're going to start banning all Kate Upton commercials that are sexy, we might have our hands full; we'll already have to bid her seductive Carl's Jr. hamburger commercial a swift adieu.

We've contacted MTV and Adult Swim for comment and will update when we hear back.

Read more at the NYDN and watch the commercial below (NSFW language)! Do you think the networks were right to 86 it?