03/14/2012 04:39 pm ET

Michael Grover, Minnesota School Baseball Coach, Claims He Was Fired For Being White

Michael Grover, a baseball coach at Johnson Senior High School in St. Paul, Minn. claims he lost his job at the school because of his race, the Pioneer Press reports.

After he and his assistant coach lost their jobs last week, Grover posted angrily on his Facebook profile -- claiming the school removed him to replace him with a coach of Asian decent in an attempt to attract more Asian-American students to the team.

At Johnson High, nearly half the student body is of Asian descent, but the freshman baseball team didn't feature any Asian players last season.

The school launched an investigation after the post spurred several calls to the school questioning the decision. The district has since issued a statement saying the claims violate school policy.

"Under no circumstances do we base hiring or firing on a person's racial or ethnic background," district officials said in the statement, according to the Pioneer Press. "The district has a very clear policy on this, and we adhere to it."

The Associated Press reports that the district has placed athletics director Jeff Plaschko on paid leave pending results of the investigation.

The report also states that while Grover admits his team lost the majority of their games last season, he maintains that the athletic director brought up race as an issue for dismisal.

Yahoo Sports notes that Grover's Facebook post has since been deleted from the former coach's wall.