03/15/2012 01:20 pm ET

Blake Griffin Air-Balls Back-To-Back Free Throws Against Atlanta Hawks (VIDEO)

NBA players of Blake Griffin's caliber generally should learn from their mistakes.

Namely: If at first you air-ball, do not air-ball again.

But Wednesday night against the Atlanta Hawks, the dunk king stepped to the line and walked away with nothing to show for his efforts. Not only did Griffin go 0-for-2, he didn't even touch the rim.

As Yahoo's Dan Devine put it, his reaction after the first shot, a resounding "OhhhAAAAAHHHH," just about summed up the experience.

The Clipper's high-flying forward isn't exactly known for his shooting abilities, and currently he's averaging just over 55 percent from the line. The season isn't over, but there were years when even Shaq had a better free throw average.

Though, at this point in his short career, he's averaging 62 percent from the line according to USA Today, so it may be a little too soon to put him in the Shaq category.

Either way, when they're in a tight spot, the Clippers better hope it's Chris Paul doing the shooting.