03/15/2012 05:33 pm ET

Colorado DMVs 'Wait Less' Program Aims To Decrease Wait Times By Providing Online Appointment Scheduling

If you're one of the nearly 1 million Coloradans who will renew or apply for a Colorado Driver License or state-issued ID in the next year, we have good news: it may hurt less than you expect. That's because the once-onerous process of waiting for hours in a drab bureaucratic office are (hopefully) over. The offices will continue to be bureaucratic, but the wait times, at least, may decrease.

Governor Hickenlooper unveiled Colorado's DMV "Wait Less" project Thursday. The service allows Coloradans to schedule appointments for the DMV online, then check-in via kiosk once they are physically at the office.

“This service is designed to save time by letting people schedule their appointments before coming to the DMV,” said Hickenlooper in a press release. “That is a huge improvement from the old way of doing business, where people never know how long it will take until they get to a DMV office.”

Officials hope to implement the system at other state government agencies in the future. For the time being, plans include features to facilitate address changes, voting registration, and online renewal.

Barbara Brohl, the Department of Revenue's Executive Director, added, “We also hope to add customer text message notifications, so people can avoid waiting on site. With a text message, they can be called back just in time to be at the front of the line.”

Wait Less is currently available at the 1881 Pierce St. DMV in Lakewood. Denver's Central DMV office will receive the technology this spring, with other Front Range locations (Colorado Springs through Fort Collins) coming online by the end of 2012.



Flickr photo via _kstorm