03/15/2012 01:07 pm ET

Annapolis Cow Statues Decorated By Mystery Stylist

Last week, residents of Saltburn, a seaside town in England, were left scratching their heads in bafflement after a mysterious 'yarnbomber' dressed the town's pier in a 50-yard scarf adorned with woollen dolls.

In Annapolis, Md., residents have long been puzzled by a similar mystery, reports WBALTV.

For more than a decade, a number of concrete cow statues -- located outside the Maryland Department of Agriculture -- have been dressed to impress for various holidays and special occasions. Yesterday, for instance, the cows were draped in green accoutrements to commemorate St. Patrick's Day, which will be celebrated this Saturday.

In the past, the cows have sported Santa outfits for Christmas, caps and gowns for graduation day, ribbons and hearts for Valentine's Day, and have even impersonated cicadas.

The cows always look spiffy. The only thing is -- no one knows who's behind it.

"We don't know for sure [who's decorating the cows]," said Mary Ellen Setting from the Department of Agriculture, "We suspect somebody local, but we'll come in one day -- either over the weekend or over a couple of days -- and they'll be decorated."

Regardless of who's behind the stunt, however, it seems that locals are happy to keep the cows dressed up.

"We get a laugh every time we go by," Percy Sussex from nearby Heritage Harbor told the Star Democrat.

According to, the cows have been named Elmer, Elsie and Demeter by the decorators.

"(It) makes people smile. It's a good thing," another resident said.

To watch a WBALTV video about these mysteriously decorated cows, click here.