03/15/2012 07:13 pm ET Updated Mar 16, 2012

Exmobaby Baby Monitor Onesie For New Parents Claims To Read Baby Emotions

Wearing your emotions on your sleeve is no longer just a figure of speech. Babies can soon wear their emotions -- quite literally -- in the form of a onesie. Introducing: The Exmobaby, a tiny shirt designed to monitor an infant's heartbeat, skin temperature and movement with updates sent to parents via text message.

The mood-ring-esque technology is designed to give new parents peace of mind. Baby is crying and you're not sure if she means "Feed me" or "I'm sleepy"?'s "About" section says that its software records "previous physical states" and "attaches a motivation, such as hunger or tiredness, which allows the system to predict likely causes of future events." Over time, the technology can supposedly help predict a baby's emotions and behavior.

The product is marketed specifically to first-time parents, who, according to Exmobaby are "particularly apprehensive" about their new role and are overwhelmingly ridden with worry. The website cites an increase of premature births as a reason parents' concerns are at an all-time high and even goes so far as to claim that the technology can reduce the rate of infant deaths due to SIDS.

But not everyone's convinced. Dr. Robert Marion, chief of genetics and developmental medicine at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore, told The New York Times that the Exmobaby looked “crazy” and not only for the obvious reasons. Marion said systems like this are likely to malfunction causing parents unnecessary worry if it "goes off" for no reason.

Babble's "Digital Mom" doesn’t love the idea, either. She writes, "I am all down with my baby being exposed to technology at a young age, but my baby wearing a device that isn't for health reasons necessarily? Uh…" In her opinion, the Exmobaby is just another product targeted to vulnerable first-time parents who "spend too much money on baby crap."

If you do want a piece of the Exmobaby action, though, you'll have to wait. It's only in investigational stages and can't be purchased yet, although a limited number are available for the reasonable price of $1,000.



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