03/15/2012 12:47 pm ET

Greg Smith's Goldman Takedown Gets HIlarious Animation Treatment (VIDEO)

In retrospect, there should have been little doubt that Greg Smith's New York Times op-ed would receive the animated video treatment. That's what you get when a Goldman Sachs executive publicly blasts his employer and then announces his resignation. And really, would a Darth Vader parody have been enough?

The video from recounts the ins and outs of a story that lit up Twitter yesterday and has already garnered additional Op-Eds, not to mention reactions from the likes of former Federal Reserve chair Paul Volcker.

In the video, Smith is depicted as a crazed, disgruntled employee, and there's even a sly Jerry Maguire reference. More importantly, don't miss the skydiving Goldman employees complete with Vampire Squids attached to their heads.

Watch the video from below to see for yourself: