03/15/2012 08:07 pm ET Updated Mar 15, 2012

I Love This City, Electronic Music Festival, Coming To San Francisco (VIDEO)

With Lovefest moving to Oakland and Fiona Ma trying to wipe out raves altogether, one would think electronic music was dead to San Francisco.

But alas, there may be hope for SF yet: I Love This City, a two-day electronic music festival featuring Tiesto, Crystal Method and others, debuts in San Francisco on Memorial Day weekend.


The festival will be hosted in the AT&T parking lot (fortunately the Giants are in Miami that weekend), and will be an 18 and over event. That's right, kiddie ravers: time to bust out those glow sticks.

But despite the young crowd, with a headliner like Tiesto -- considered by many to be the best DJ in the world -- I Love This City isn't fooling around.

So how much to get into this sweatfest? So far organizers have been mum on details, but the website vows to post sale info on Friday.

Check out the website for the full lineup, and look through our slideshow for a few of our favorite acts: