03/15/2012 12:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart Compares Fox News To Crying Babies, Mocks CNN, MSNBC GOP Primary Coverage (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart ripped all the cable networks' coverage of the GOP primaries on Wednesday night. He compared Fox News to a bunch of crying babies, lampooned MSNBC hosts' sexual innuendos about the races and took down all aspects of CNN's reporting.

Lawrence O'Donnell, Rachel Maddow and John Heilemann made some racy comments about Rick Santorum on Tuesday, while waiting for the results of Mississippi's primary.

After playing the clip on Wednesday night, Stewart appeared flabbergasted. He compared watching MSNBC's coverage to "having brunch with friends you went to Oberlin with ten years ago and about halfway through your cinnamon burrito, you suddenly wonder, 'why am i still friends with these people?'"

Then, he turned to Fox News' coverage of the races. "While I'd imagine it's difficult for them to spend an evening watching their party tear itself to pieces, they did their best to cover it," Stewart said sarcastically.

He replayed clips of Fox News hosts and commentators discussing a host of topics, from Obama's dipping poll numbers, contraception, "Game Change" and the name of the new ABC show "GCB", all while the races were happening on Tuesday night.

"I know it's probably difficult to understand what Fox was going for with all those clips, so let me see if I can translate them for everybody," Stewart announced. He replayed a series of clips of babies crying. "Fox News, fair and colicky," he concluded.

He proceeded to tear CNN's coverage apart. He called the network "the most desperate name in news" for its bevy of election night gadgets — which he has mocked before — and its incessant tracking of the numbers, despite no new results.

"When it came time to declare the races, aka the mattering thing, CNN was beaten to the punch by the network that spent most of their night not covering the primaries!" Stewart exclaimed.



Jon Stewart ripping Fox News

Jon Stewart ripping Fox News