03/15/2012 11:18 am ET Updated Mar 15, 2012

Shopper Seeks $50K, Chanel Bags From Lane Crawford After Allegedly Being Locked In VIP Room (PHOTOS)

A cranky customer is seeking restitution of HK$50,000 -- and, get this, two Chanel bags -- from a luxury Hong Kong department store after allegedly being locked in a VIP room for 90 minutes.

32-year-old Dion Leung Wai-yin says she went to the Lane Crawford store to validate the authenticity of a HK$17,900 Chanel bag she had previously purchased there, after finding some defects in the bag. That's when her nightmare began:

"I was locked in a VIP room, [an employee] served me hot chocolate and he started to chit-chat with me. When I asked him when were we going to discuss the bag, he tried to [talk] about his divorce, the size of his feet and where he came from," Leung told the South China Morning Post.

Leung also says that she was suffering from anxiety and depression at the time, which were both exacerbated by the 90-minute wait she endured in the store's VIP waiting room. Nevertheless, she still accepted a full refund of the price of the bag, which management offered her after her wait.

The store has released an official statement apologizing for the incident. They've also offered Leung a HK$10,000 gift voucher, even though she requested the higher sum of money, and two new Chanel bags as restitution for her emotional distress.

Is she accepting? Read more details about Leung's story at SCMP to find out.



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