03/15/2012 03:09 pm ET Updated Mar 15, 2012

Matt Weiner Sells House: The 'Mad Men' Creator Says Goodbye To Fairfax House (PHOTOS)

Matt Weiner is definitely into closing chapters. Just as the fifth season of his hit cable show "Mad Men" debuts March 25, he announced that the show's seventh season would likely be its last. And now we learn that he recently sold his long-time Fairfax area house. Nothing wrong with moving on in both television and real estate; keeps the soul and the economy, respectively, alive.

The 3,500-square-foot house he sold was featured in the New York Times just before he listed it in November for $1.8 million. Coincidence? I think not. Sales price is reportedly close to asking, which puts a pretty penny in Weiner's pocket. He bought it for $492,000 in 1997, which even pre-dates his stint as a writer on HBO's "Sopranos" series.

The home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, a very cool tricked-out tile kitchen, and was built in 1933.

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