03/15/2012 02:26 am ET Updated May 14, 2012

'Modern Family': Ellen Barkin Plays A Ruthless Real Estate Agent And Phil's Nemesis (VIDEO)

Phil was on the cusp of landing the biggest real estate listing of his career on this week's "Modern Family" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on ABC), but there was one thing standing in his way. A petite blonde named Mitzi Roth, played with deliciously evil glee by Ellen Barkin.

At first, it seemed she was just being aggressive in the business, but when she faked getting pushed into the bushes and blamed Phil, it was clear she was a worthy adversary. When Phil tried to record her confession with a spy pen, she managed to outsmart him once again. It took the ingenious badness of Luke to help him orchestrate the perfect ploy.

What at first seemed like an innocent chance encounter between Luke and Mitzi at the supermarket, where Luke opened up about their financial struggles and simply asked her to be nicer to his dad, was in fact a carefully plotted plan that was executed flawlessly. And it worked, too. Mitzi later showed up at the house to give Phil the listing, but made it clear her generosity was a one-time thing.

While this was going on, Cam was getting back together with his old clowning partner for a one-time gig that ended badly when his partner, played by Bobby Cannavale, wanted it to last longer -- he doesn't seem to understand that Cam gave up the "superstar" lifestyle for his family -- and Gloria's assets attracted one of the popular kids into wanting to hang out with Manny. Luckily, Manny only wanted to hang out with him because of his own interest in his sister, so that's a disingenuous friendship built solidly on mistrust.

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