03/15/2012 04:04 pm ET

'My Strange Addiction': TLC Features 53-Year-Old Woman Addicted To Urine (VIDEO)

Of all the strange addictions out there, this one has to be one of the most gag-worthy. In the March 18 episode of "My Strange Addiction," Carrie opens up about her urine addiction.

In the past, stars of the TLC show have been addicted to drinking gasoline, smelling Pine-Sol and smelling doll heads. But in addition to drinking 80 ounces of her urine every day, 53-year-old Carrie bathes in it, brushes her teeth in it, uses it as lotion and even believes it cures cancer.

"I drink almost all the urine that comes out of my body," Carrie says in our exclusive video. "It tastes like water to me."

Since her addiction began four years ago, Carrie has consumed over 900 gallons of urine.

"I drink it through my eyes," she admits.

If you dare, tune into season finale of "My Strange Addiction" this Sun., March 18 at 10 p.m. ET.