03/15/2012 12:08 pm ET Updated Mar 15, 2012

NCAA Tournament 2012 Scores: Murray State-Colorado State, Louisville-Davidson [LIVE UPDATES]

The 2012 NCAA Tournament's field of 64 kicks off with a 6/11 match-up between Murray Stat against Colorado State at 12:15 p.m. on CBS. At 1:40, No. 4 Louisville will take on No. 13 Davidson on CBS. Click HERE for the NCAA Tournament schedule from Thursday through Sunday.

Will there be some early upsets? Or will Louisville and Murray State continue their sensational runs into the next round?

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03/15/2012 3:58 PM EDT


03/15/2012 3:57 PM EDT

Smith makes the second and that should do it.

03/15/2012 3:57 PM EDT

Louisville misses the free throw. Davidson opts for the 2. 5-point game with 9.5 seconds left. Louisville heading back to the free throw line for 2. Chris Smith at the line and hits the first.

03/15/2012 3:56 PM EDT

Cochran makes a pair of free throws to cut it to seven. Davidson immediately fouls with 21 seconds left.

03/15/2012 3:53 PM EDT

This ending is taking forever. Free throw battle continues. 66-57 Louisville with 35 seconds left.

03/15/2012 3:51 PM EDT

Again, Davidson seems to be playing with no sense of urgency. Louisville defense definitely has something to do with it. They have been relentless.

03/15/2012 3:50 PM EDT

Back to 10. 1 minute remaining.

03/15/2012 3:48 PM EDT

Pitino calls timeout with 1:04 remaining.

03/15/2012 3:47 PM EDT

Cohen cuts the lead back to eight but they CANNOT KEEP TRADING BASKETS (I clearly picked Davidson..)

03/15/2012 3:46 PM EDT

Kuhlman gouls Dieng, who hits both free throws. 10-point lead. Davidson needs some 3s.