03/15/2012 02:29 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

The Color Palette That Can Make Your Home Seem Calmer (PHOTOS)

After we took a closer look at how ruby red can make our homes seem brighter, we've been thinking about the benefits of other gorgeous jewel tones. Like sapphire, for example. This entrancing blue is both a classic (think cobalt glassware) yet also makes an unexpected statement (case in point: this amazing orchid). And though it's an intense hue, the cool tones convey a soothing vibe like no other.

The bold shade also means that you only need a touch of the color to make a big statement. Tabletop accessories such as flatware and pitchers will especially stand out on crisp white linens and fixtures like a blue sconce will pop against a light-colored wall.

For a softer take, try amethyst. This shade of purple has a hint of blue, so it has similar calming benefits. The beauty is in the variations of amethyst hues from lilac to plum. Though the lighter shades can often be too delicate to notice, when grouped together (think candles and glasses) you'll create a more noticeable effect. For rich purples, consider using it in hardware like knobs for cabinets and dressers -- it can bring a whole new focus to pieces.

Inspired by the shades we found in the sapphire orchid, we came up with a color palette that's captivating and even a bit glamorous. Click through the slideshow below to see the color palette along with a selection of home finds based on those hues.

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