03/15/2012 07:53 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Anoraks For Weather That Can't Make Up Its Mind (PHOTOS)

Just last week I was pulling out my puffer coat to brave the harsh winds. Now it's suddenly all spring -- is this just a tease? Or is winter really over? Whatever the case, I can't figure out what to wear. My trusty trench coat is a little too warm, and my leather jacket feels too heavy for this spring-ish weather.

Problem solved: an anorak. My mom always insisted on an anorak for rainy days, and I never understood if she meant a raincoat or what. Finally, twenty years later, thanks to the spring collections from designers like Rag & Bone and Alexander Wang, I've been schooled. A light waterproof topper frequently made out of parachute material it is the solution to these fairweather days -- light enough to stuff in your tote when in the sun, but substantial enough to ward off a chill -- it's just what my mom ordered. Here, ten anoraks for under $100.


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