03/15/2012 06:10 pm ET

White Cliffs Of Dover Section Collapses Into Sea (VIDEO)

A famous landmark is now a little bit smaller after a section of the White cliffs of Dover collapsed into the English Channel, the Guardian reports.

Dover officials told the paper the collapse was most likely caused by freezing rain being absorbed into and weakening the chalky cliff. A spokesperson from the Dover Coastguard said that while no one was hurt, the incident is an important cautionary tale.

"No one was injured," the spokesperson told the Guardian. "But it does serve as a reminder that if people are walking along the cliff-top or underneath, that the cliff can crumble away."

The Mirror reports that the National Trust has since put up signs warning passers-by of the potential danger.

Last year, a cliff on England's southwest coast crumbled into the ocean while nearby hikers looked on in disbelief.

Geologist Pete Hobbs told the Telegraph that the onlooker's footage was some of the best video documentation of a cliff collapse he's ever seen.

A month later, a large portion of a street and bluff in Los Angeles fell into the ocean following a period of heavy rain, the Associated Press reported. Thankfully, the passage had been closed and closely monitored by engineers, so there were no injuries resulting from the collapse.