03/15/2012 09:39 am ET Updated Mar 15, 2012

What Do Women Want? Social Media Study Shows Differing Female, Male Desires

By: Leslie Meredith Published: 03/14/2012 05:50 PM EDT on TechNewsDaily
Forget fancy brands. What a man really wants is a Ford, while women swoon over soft-serve ice cream. That's just one of the insights drawn from 27 billion social media conversations that took place over the past year.
Social media researchers at NetBase used their vast store of online data to answer the question, "What do men and women want?" They culled mentions of brand names and products to reach their conclusions.
Ice cream was the most mentioned "want" by women, and not the luxury brands that cost about $5 a scoop. Dairy Queen ranked first with 41 percent of mentions, while super-premium Häagen-Dazs came in fourth at just 7 percent. How much for a DQ cone? About $1.25, and that includes a chocolate dipping.
For guys, cars topped their list — food, electronics and women (for some) take a backseat to the right car , NetBase said. Ford topped the list at 27 percent, followed by Honda, Dodge and Chevy with 11 percent or less of the mentions. What attracted men to a car? Looks, sound system and smell. 
The study dove a little deeper to compare food cravings between the sexes. Chocolate goodies were favored by women, but guys named bacon as their No. 1 treat. Maybe sharing strips of chocolate-covered bacon could become the new make-up sex.
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