03/16/2012 12:42 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Anna Gristina, Alleged NYC Madam, Could've Served House Arrest In Luxury Manhattan Apartment? (VIDEO)

NEW YORK -- Anna Gristina, the 44-year-old alleged madam who is charged with running a multimillion brothel on Manhattan's Upper East Side, remains behind bars still. The Scotland-born suburban mom of four is on a $2 million bail bond.

One of the most curious aspects of Gristina's case so far is her now-former attorney, Peter Gleason, who has stepped down from representing Gristina, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. At first, Gleason knew of Gristina through a friend and had agreed to handle the case pro bono. Earlier in the week Gleason had offered up his own $2.5 million Manhattan loft for Gristina's bond and even invited her entire family to stay there while she would serve house arrest.

This is certainly unconventional. However, Gleason's background is seemingly just as unusual. According to the Daily News, Gleason "has been a cop, a firefighter, a real-estate investor and a failed politician. He tried to buy Elvis Presley's house and he once sued his own law school."

With all the buzz surrounding the unheard of bail proposal by Gleason and his supposedly fancy Manhattan apartment, we just have to wonder: What exactly does Gleason's $2.5 million Manhattan home look like on the inside? The same Daily News article surmised that "the living area is modeled after Elvis' 'Jungle Room'."

Most recently, Gristina's new lawyer, Gary Greenwald, has said that "the house arrest plan is off the table because the apartment would be too crowded," according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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