03/16/2012 03:47 pm ET

Baby Chick Falls Asleep On Cat For Adorable Nap Session (VIDEO)

This baby chick might seem like it just innocently fell asleep on this cat's shoulder, but it's not fooling anybody.

No, this little guy knew exactly what it was doing when it oh-so-naturally lapsed into a slumber on the back of another species. The tiny bird knew that as soon as it got on eye-level with a cat and got that nap rolling, it would be only a matter of time before its sneaky little face would show up all over the Internet. Your 15 minutes start now, little chick.

That said, the little guy is adorable, and we totally fell for the video. A bit of advice for the bird though: Next time, try wearing a little top hat, or maybe nudge your face against the cat a couple times. Otherwise, nice job.

Watch the little chick's adorable slumber above and check out some other unlikely animal friendships below, courtesy of Workman Publishing.

(h/t Cute Overload)

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