03/16/2012 10:29 am ET

Steve Lott Disemboweled Neighbor With 'Big-Ass Knife' In Florida: Cops

A Florida man is accused of disemboweling his neighbor with a knife and then calling 911.

Tampa resident Steve Lott, 30, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon after he allegedly called cops to report that he'd cut his neighbor open using "a big-ass knife," because the victim had come into his home, according to WTSP.

Tony Jackson, 56, was found on the floor with a "massive wound across his abdomen so deep, internal organs were visible or even spilling out," the station reported.

Jackson was in critical condition at the hospital on Tuesday.

Investigators believe that the two had been quarreling for a long time, and that Lott went berserk and walked over to Jackson's property to stab him.

Cops said Lott resisted arrest and had to be tased before he was subdued, according to jail records. He was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

But it wasn't Lott's first alleged violent outburst. Jail records show that he was charged in March, 2007, for attacking a pregnant woman with a deadly weapon in his home and holding her against her will. He spent almost a year in prison for the attack.